Modern and Unique Meeting Rooms in Los Angeles

November 8, 2017

Meeting rooms have been a place used to conduct meetings, share creative ideas, stir up innovative plans, talk serious business, or mediate dispute. In recent times, the meeting rooms have deviated from the classic look with upright chairs surrounding a table, to more dynamic spaces with the aim of proper mind stimulation. Below are some […]

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Interview Tips That Will Get You the Job

October 30, 2017

Job interviews are one of the most talked about topics in college. Simply because it is commonly seen as the next thing to do once you graduate. You might want your own business but lack the sufficient fund, or you are trying to gain some skill, or just simply because you have to put food […]

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How do I lead a more effective meeting?

October 2, 2017

A lot of people do not like meetings just for the sake of it. A reason is because most meetings are poorly organized, very long, and drifting in different directions depending on the moods of the influential personalities in attendance. This leads to the question what can I do to run more effective and engaging […]

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