Modern and Unique Meeting Rooms in Los Angeles

Meeting rooms have been a place used to conduct meetings, share creative ideas, stir up innovative plans, talk serious business, or mediate dispute. In recent times, the meeting rooms have deviated from the classic look with upright chairs surrounding a table, to more dynamic spaces with the aim of proper mind stimulation. Below are some of the modern and unique meetings rooms in Los Angeles


Central, Downtown LA

This is a 1,400 square feet bi-level ground unit with loft is a spacious and sunny downtown loft, located right at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles historic roots. It offers refined industrial aesthetics, lots of natural light, a dining room that seats four, an extensive living room, two full bathrooms, TV, chalkboard wall, and Wi-Fi. Also comes standard with an outdoor area and parking spaces. Maximum capacity is about 25 persons.


South Los Angeles

A stunning 5,000 square feet loft only recently renovated, with grey concrete floor finishing. It is basically one big open space with a kitchen installed. Great for meetings, mediation classes, film/photography, or can be used as a creative workshop. Easily accessible as it is only a walking distance from the train station, free street parking and parking on site. This meeting room offers security, Wi-Fi, natural light, restrooms, and basic furniture.




 North Hollywood Arts District

Located at the heart of the North Hollywood Art district. This is a 660 square feet space, seamlessly perfect for meetings and presentations. A clean simple, modern space, easily designed to specific needs. Has a maximum capacity of 25 guests. The venue comes with an overhead projector, a retractable screen that is very good for PowerPoint presentations. It is wheel cheer accessible, with stackable chairs, adjustable tables, two work tables, parking  spaces, restrooms, Wi-Fi, coffee, and an elevator amongst others. Available all day between 7am through 10pm.


Central LA

This 360 degree whiteboard-wall room, accommodates up to 5 people. This thinking tank is a perfect room for brainstorming, where person can easily pour out ideas on any wall (including the back of the door can be written on). It comes complimentarily with a Wi-Fi, and an accessible kitchen fitted with coffee amongst others. On request, a conference room phone will be provided. Could also be used for filming or production and a request for approval must be done 72 hours before booked date. Available only on weekdays between 9am -6pm.

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