Interview Tips That Will Get You the Job

Job interviews are one of the most talked about topics in college. Simply because it is commonly seen as the next thing to do once you graduate. You might want your own business but lack the sufficient fund, or you are trying to gain some skill, or just simply because you have to put food on your table. It could be a white or blue collar job, nonetheless you will be interviewed.

Interviews for jobs have never seemed to get any easier even if you have gone for countless interviews you still have anxiety, and the stress of trying to sell yourself and your skills to your potential employers. One will definitely need advance preparations in order to show composure and experience that will nail the interview and thus increasing your chances as the next employee. Below are a few tips you can follow that will get you the job.


Almost half of hiring managers have disqualified candidates because they had very little knowledge about the company. Researching the company you are applying to is quite essential, this information can be gotten online. Then look at their competitors and spot the difference. Try to know the characteristics that separates the company you are applying to, from their competitors.


If you do not know what to wear for a job interview. The best way to figure it out is to think of how you would dress for the job on a normal day. If you are not dressed for the job then you are not doing yourself any favors. Almost 75% of hiring mangers disqualify candidates they found too fashionable or trendy.


Bring at least two extra copies of your resume. One should not assume the interviewer has seen a copy of it or has it with them, try and bring a resume for as many interviewers you are meeting, and not get caught off guard.

Confident posture

About a third of employers have disqualified interview candidates because they noticed some candidates had bad posture. Practice walking with you back confidently arched, a launch position is good while standing and also arch you back when sitting. Also have a firm and assertive handshake, you would lose points for a weak handshake.


Put on a smile during conversations, be engaged, show enthusiasm, and try nodding your head (triple nod). The employer wants to see a positive attitude from the candidates.

Maintain eye contact. It is hard but do try and keep very good eye contact it exudes confidence at least, but people who have strong eye contact seemed to be more persuasive.

Leave no room for ambiguity. If you want the job, at the end of the interview say so. Also try and get the emails of your interviewers you will need it for the next tip.


Before the night ends on the day of the interview send a brief ‘thank you’ mail, to solidify the good impression left. If you don’t hear from them in one week you can send a brief email to know what their decision is, but do not seem pushy.

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